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Are all your items you sell authentic?

Original Grail sells only 100% authentic product. We do not accept unauthorized, fake or counterfeit products. With our in-house authentication team to inspect all product that is being consigned and sold, our multi-point authentication process ensures the authenticity of every item we sell.

How does consignments work?

You decide on the your take back amount you want back from your products. We mark it up and take care of the rest. We will take care of the credit card processing and associating fees. Payout checks are cut every two weeks. You have access to a website to check when your items are sold. We also accept preowned sneakers preferably cleaned, otherwise we will charge a cleaning fee up on the pairs being dropped off, sold or with drawn.

Who decide on the selling price?

Original Grail. For consignment, you decide how much you want back for your item (take back amount) and we will mark up accordingly to cover our overhead. 

What is your fee?

There is no fixed fee on top of our mark up. With that we pay for our rent, insurance, credit card processing fee and our staff. 

Do you charge anything on top of the mark up?

Occasionally if a pre-owned pair of sneakers or garment needs to be treated before it can be displayed, a $15 cleaning fee is charged during check-in or deducted from your take back amount when the item is sold or due when the item is pulled. 

How frequent is the payout?

Bi-weekly. After your item is sold, we will email you when a check is available to be picked up. 

Do you accept used items for consignment?

Yes. We prefer your pre-owned items to be clean. No worries if you do not have the time to clean them. We provide cleaning service, depends on the condition of the pair, we may charge a cleaning fee. 

Do you buy and how does buy-out works?

We offer buy out option and the standard process is as follow.

  1. We will check your items in as consignment. (Name, email and phone number, desired take back for each item is required.)
  2. We will evaluate the condition/authenticity of each item and email a buy out offer in the next few days. At this stage, your item is already on the market for sale so there is no downtime for your item. 
  3. If the buy out offer does not meet sellers expectation, seller can decide to continue with the consignment route or withdraw the items.

Do you do trade or provide size swap service?

We offer trades by store credit since majority of our products are consignment. The process is the same as the buy out process mentioned above except you get an alternate offer in store credit in addition to the cash offer. Generally we do not offer size swap, but you could always consign the unwanted item and buy something that suits your need. 

What if I want to buy something but you don't have it in stock or the current listing price is over my budget?

If the price is not within your budget, we can always help contact the customer with your serious offer. In case your offer was rejected, or we do not have the item in stock, we maintain a list of customer requests along with contact information, when the requested item became available at the specific price range we will let you know.  Feel free to let us know what you are looking for.

Can I check my inventory online?

You do have online access to items sold via our web portal. We offer this BETA version of an inventory system, however consignors are responsible for keeping track of your own items and sales records. We are here to provide the tools and assistant needed to help you with the process.  

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